Summer Mallorca Retreat (2022)

Summer Mallorca Retreat

Shine From Within

30 May – 4 June 2022

Energizing yoga, Ayurveda, reflection, mindfulness with a view, music & dance, hammocks and a chilled island vibe: welcome to our Summer Mallorca Retreat!

Hosted by Melanie Fissendjidis & Marlot Caspers

5-day mini-vacation

Looking for a nourishing opportunity of self-care this summer? Treat yourself to a 5-day mini-vacation dedicated to you well-being and growth this season.

Join us for 5 enriching days on the beautiful island of Mallorca, filled with (beach) yoga, mindfulness in nature, Ayurvedic cooking workshop, music, time for reflection and mellowing down in the sun.

Enjoy the chilled island vibe & a program packed with inspiration, so that you can return home invigorated and recharged.


  • Daily yoga (Strala and Yin) and / or mindfulness practices
  • Healthy and delicious Ayurvedic meals
  • Ayurvedic cooking class
  • Stunning finca on the countryside with a pool & hammocks to chill out
  • Yoga class on the beach (possibly followed by a dip in the sea!)
  • Intuitive dance session
  • Music & campfire
  • Reflection & journaling on symbolism of summer season
  • Practices to connect to your inner fire & shine from within
  • The gift of time to go your own way. Relax, explore or play, just as you wish

Shine from within

The Summer Mallorca Retreat is all about reconnecting with yourself and nature this summer season. Nourish your body, mind and soul with movement practices, creative expression, Ayurvedic nutrition and nature’s wisdom.

In Eastern philosophy, summer is the season of abundance, the fire element and the heart. A time for play and relaxation.

The program of the 5-day retreat is designed to help you connect with your inner fire, the things in your life that give you joy and energy, and the things you want to celebrate this season.

Summer isn’t the time to hold back; it’s the season to fully embrace and express all that you are. Engage with what you need this summer, so that you can shine from within.”

Welcome to Finca s’Almudaina

From 30 May – 4 June 2022, 4 Seasons Retreats welcomes you to the gorgeous Finca s’Almudaina in Mallorca. A spacious and serene retreat venue, surrounded by fields and hills, and close to the ocean breeze.

With plenty of outdoor space, hammocks, palm trees, bright colors, a pool, herb & vegetable garden, and a happy island vibe, this place is ideal to relax, recharge and ignite your inner fire.

Finca s’Almudaina. You might dip your toe 😉


Each day of the retreat will have its own ‘summer theme’. Please remember: you always have the freedom to engage with the suggestions on the program or choose to follow your own pace & take it a little easier.

Day 1: Ease in
You’ll arrive at the finca in the afternoon, around 16.00h. Take the time to settle in, explore the venue, meet each other & enjoy a delicious dinner and calming Yin Yoga session.

Day 2: On Fire
Time to ignite your inner flames! On day 2, we will be diving into the transformative and powerful nature of the fire element with yoga, reflection and a ‘fiery’ ritual to let go of what dims your inner rays of sunshine.

Day 3: Reap
Today is all about nutrition and how to nourish your body this season with Ayurveda. Be prepared for an Ayurvedic cooking workshop, where we will learn about the properties of fresh seasonal veggies and how to cook them in the most delicious way!

Day 4: Celebrate
Summer is the season of abundance. So time to shine bright and celebrate all that you are! We are going to use the practices of yoga (on the beach), gratitude journaling and music to find creative ways to explore and express our authentic selves and feel free. Ready to enjoy a cozy kirtan (music) session around the campfire?

Day 5: Savour
By day 5 we have engaged in practices to let our inner light shine brightly. Now it’s time to savour it with the beautiful practice of mindfulness! We will explore the quality of our awareness and tune into our senses with a mindful walk, meditation, yoga, and… intuitive dance. Nothing big, being fully present is where the magic lays.

Day 6: Share
Before we leave the venue by 11.00h, we end these wonderful days together with a closing ceremony. There will be plenty of time to share your experience here or during a nourishing breakfast.

This Summer Mallorca Retreat is for you if

  • You are young / old, a she / he or they. You are so very welcome, beautiful soul!
  • You would like to start or deepen your yoga practice with Strala and Yin. Classes are for all levels, whether you’re a beginner or a more advanced practitioner. As long as you’re curious to playfully explore more of the wonderful world of yoga, it will all be good!
  • You wish to connect to your inner self and the symbolism of summer season
  • You are longing to relax and unwind on a stunning location in a sunny paradise
  • You want to treat yourself to me-time, reflection, and an inner journey of growth
  • You would like to be pampered and nourished for 5 days with fresh, healthy and yummie Ayurvedic food (and learn more about this)
  • You wish to practice the art of being present
  • You can’t wait to invite ease and joy (back) into your life
  • You are looking forward to dedicate a 5 days mini-vacation to your well-being
  • You are not bothered by Mediterranean island vibes, palm trees or hammocks 😉
  • You want to shine from within and celebrate summer season with us!


“I enjoyed truly everything. The yoga, outdoor activities, reflection – it was all wonderful. Stunning location! The moment you step inside, it feels like you leave the rest of the world behind. A very well organized retreat.”

– Jennifer

Retreat includes:

  • 5 nights at our beautiful venue Finca s’Almudaina
  • Daily Ayurvedic breakfast, lunch and dinner + fresh teas and delicious snacks
  • Daily Yoga (Strala flow or Yin) or Mindfulness practices
  • Yoga on the beach
  • Ayurvedic cooking class
  • Music & Intuitive dance
  • Reflection and journaling
  • Free time to chill in a hammock, dive into our private pool or sauna, or explore the green surroundings
  • Small group size. We like to give you personal attention, that’s why we limit the group to a maximum of 14 participants (min. 6 participants).


Flights and transfer to the finca (local transfers can be arranged by us for an additional fee)
Cancellation and travel insurance

Book before 31 March 2022 and enjoy a 10% discount on your ticket price.

Secure your spot now

Our last retreats were fully booked and sold out very quickly.
If you want to secure your spot, don’t wait too long!

COVID-19 measures

Naturally, this retreat will take all the governmental regulations regarding COVID-19 into account. If you wish, you can bring your own yoga mat and cushion, or a (yoga) towel and/or pillow case to cover the available mats and cushions. We ask everyone to follow the general hygiene guidelines stated by the RIVM.

We understand these are still uncertain times. In the unfortunate case that we have to cancel the retreat due to new government regulations for group events, we will postpone the event. If you have booked your ticket for the Summer Mallorca Retreat, we’ll make sure your spot is secured for the next retreat!


About 4 Seasons Retreats: “When we live in harmony with nature and the flow of the seasons, we live in better harmony with ourselves too. Each season requires a different approach to self-care, in order to support ourselves optimally. Our retreats help you flow through the change of the seasons with grace and ease and in connection with your inner-self.”

Melanie Fissendjidis

Hi there! I am a certified Yin and Strala yoga teacher, mindfulness trainer, and founder of SOL – Yoga with Melanie. My yoga practices are all about moving in a way that feels good to you. By slowing down, softening, and playfully exploring your body & mind, you’ll find the space and time to tune into yourself and your unique needs.

Helping others to work with their body, mind & soul, rather than against themselves: that’s my purpose. So that we can feel supported, light and at ease: both in our yoga practice and beyond.

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Marlot Caspers

Hello world! My name is Marlot. In search for my place on this earth I realized that the true journey is the journey inwards. I attended several 10-days vipassana meditations, did an energy work course, and became a certified Shivananda Yoga teacher. These practices allowed me to sail with more ease and joy through this adventure called life.

I believe that if we do The Work we connect more to our authentic self, our true nature, so we can shine our light and feel FREE to live life in our own way. Only imagine! Helping other people to free their mind and follow their own path is the next step in my journey.

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