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Autumn Day Retreat

‘Let it go’

Yoga, breathwork, mindfulness and outdoor coaching amidst the woods: welcome to our Autumn Day Retreat!

1-day mini-vacation

Looking for a moment of self-care this autumn? Escape your home for a little while and treat yourself to this soothing and easygoing 1-day mini-vacation, dedicated to your well-being and growth this season.

Join us for a day of self-care, filled with yoga, breathwork, mindfulness in nature, outdoor coaching and Ayurvedic nutrition. This is a day just for you, so that you can return home with a sense of groundedness, lightness of heart and inspiration.

Let it go

This day retreat is all about reconnecting with yourself and nature this autumn season. Nourish your body, mind and soul with movement & breathing practices, Ayurvedic nutrition and nature’s wisdom. The program of the day retreat is designed to help you connect to your essence. Autumn is a perfect time to declutter and let go of all that no longer serves you. Just like the trees shedding their leaves.

In Eastern philosophy, the autumn season is all about the air element and the lungs. Ask yourself: what nourishes you and would you like to soak up – like a fresh inbreath? And what in your life no longer feels like ‘you’ and do you want to release – just like your outbreath?

In short: come back to your true nature. And anything that doesn’t feel supportive of that? Let it go.


“I enjoyed truly everything. The yoga, outdoor coaching – it was all wonderful. Stunning location! The moment you step inside, it feels like you leave the rest of the world behind. A very well organized day.”



The day will include the following elements:

Symbolism of autumn season
Yoga practices
Ayurveda & nutrition
Mindfulness in nature & outdoor life coaching
& emotional release technique

Of course, there will be a healthy, vegan lunch to enjoy, as well as homemade snacks, freshly brewed herbal teas and other drinks!

Welcome to Oohm

On Sunday 7 November 2021, 4 Seasons Retreats welcomes you to Oohm in Vogelenzang. A venue dedicated to enhance well-being, surrounded by plenty of greenery, right amidst the woods. The estate is located on the border of the nature reserve Amsterdamse Waterleidingduinen, and with its ancient trees, beautiful lakes, and winding paths, it’s the perfect place to retreat and to connect with the season. A place where you can just ‘be’, while soaking up the stillness and beauty of nature. With plenty of indoor and outdoor space, light and luxury, Oohm is ideal to relax and recharge. Welcome to the good life!

COVID-19 measures

Naturally, this day retreat will take all the governmental regulations regarding COVID-19 into account.

We understand these are uncertain times. In the unfortunate case that we have to cancel the retreat due to new government regulations for group events, we will postpone the event. If you have booked your ticket for the Autumn Day Retreat, we’ll make sure your spot is secured for the next retreat!

Secure your spot now

Our last retreat was fully booked and sold out very quickly. If you want to secure your spot, don’t wait too long!