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4 Seasons Retreats

4 Seasons Retreats are mini-getaways fully dedicated to self-care and well-being in each of the seasons. Marjolein (MDR Happy by Nature) – and Melanie (SOL- Yoga with Melanie) have united their different expertise and specialisms to ensemble a holistic program filled with movement practices, nutrition, outdoor life coaching and inspiration from nature.

When we live in harmony with nature and the flow of the seasons, we live in better harmony with ourselves too. Each season requires a different approach to self-care, in order to support ourselves optimally.

Four times a year, our retreats help you flow through the change of the seasons with grace and ease and in connection with your inner-self.

Marjolein de Ridder

Nice to meet you! I am an outdoor life coach, running therapist and mindfulness trainer. It is my mission to empower people to be the best version of themselves.

I am the founder of MDR Happy by Nature, which offers outdoor life coaching, trainings, workshops, retreats and blogs, all focussed on how to live a happy, healthy and meaningful life, inspired by nature.

Outdoor life coaching uses the environment to find answers to important life questions, such as: What makes me happy? What do I want to achieve in this life? Being in nature has a positive effect on your body and mind. You can get away from everyday worries and reconnect with what is really important to you.

On my blog Run with Marjolein, I write about my passion for running and what we can learn from running about the art of living and mental resilience. I offer running therapy to literally and figuratively bring movement into your personal transformation process.

I also work as a mindfulness trainer for Mindful Rijk, the center of expertise on mindfulness and positive psychology within the Dutch national government. I give workshops and trainings that are focused on happiness at work, vitality and personal growth and that promote a conscious, inspiring and sustainable work culture in which employees can thrive.

Melanie Fissendjidis

Hi there! I am a certified Yin and Strala yoga teacher, mindfulness trainer, and founder of SOL – Yoga with Melanie. I guide (group & private) yoga classes, workshops, retreats and in-company vitality programs. As a copywriter I also enjoy blogging about a lifestyle of well-being and gratitude.

My yoga practices are all about moving in a way that feels good to you. By slowing down, softening, and playfully exploring your body & mind, you’ll find the space and time to tune into yourself.

How are you really doing right now? Where can you soften a little more? Where do you feel the gentle rising and falling of your breath? And how can you best support your body in this moment?

Helping others to work with their body, mind & soul, rather than against themselves: that’s my purpose. So that we can feel supported, light and at ease: both in our yoga practice and beyond.

Marlot Caspers

Hello world! My name is Marlot. The search for my place on this earth took me from studying in Granada, working at a travel agency in Costa Rica, to volunteering at an ecological centre and living on a sailboat on Ibiza while setting up my own company.

All these different experiences (and maybe also aging, haha) made me realize that the true journey is the journey inwards. I attended several 10-days vipassana meditations, did an energy work course, and became a certified Shivananda Yoga teacher. These practices allow me to sail with more ease and joy through this adventure called life.

In the current chapter, I’m creating an eco home on the countryside of Mallorca. On this blog I write (in Dutch) about a simple life under the Spanish sun while learning about planting trees and growing tomatoes.

I believe that if we do The Work we connect more to our authentic self, our true nature, so we can shine our light and feel FREE to live life in our own way. Only imagine! Helping other people to free their mind and follow their own path is the next step in my journey.

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