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Spring Day Retreat

‘A New Beginning’

Energizing yoga, Ayurveda, mindfulness in nature, outdoor coaching and fields of blooming flowers: welcome to our Spring Day Retreat!

Date and venue to be announced soon!

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1-day mini-vacation

Looking for a moment of self-care this spring? Escape your home for a little while and treat yourself to this energizing  and reinvigorating 1-day mini-vacation, dedicated to your well-being and growth this season.

Join us for a day of self-care, filled with yoga, meditation, mindfulness in nature, outdoor coaching and Ayurvedic nutrition. This is a day just for you, so that you can return home revitalized, inspired and light hearted! A spring break to mark a new beginning, that provides everything you need for you to bloom this season!

A new beginning

This day retreat is all about reconnecting with yourself and nature this spring season. Revitalize your body, mind and soul with movement, Ayurvedic nutrition and nature’s wisdom. The program of the day retreat is designed to let ourselves be awakened by the beauty of spring and re-energize. Spring is a perfect time to retreat and recharge. Consciously experience that spring is in the air and open up to new beginnings!

In Eastern philosophy, the spring season is all about the space element, liver and gallbladder. Our liver is perhaps – on average – the most congested organ we have, being disrupted by excess of fats, chemicals, intoxicants and competitive environments. That’s why cleansing or ‘detoxing’ this organ every now and then, is a healthy and wise choice. And spring is the perfect timing for that! On a metaphorical level, the liver illustrates beautifully that we first need to clean and make space, for new beginnings, plans and ideas to come through. 

In nature, it is the season of vitality and renewal. Everything that has hidden itself underground during winter now becomes visible and begins to unfold. Plants and trees that seemed dead come back to life and start blossoming thanks to the increasing light and strength of the sun. The birds are singing, chicks are born and lambs are playing in the meadows. Nature is bursting with energy and vigor!

In short: replenish and use the spirit of spring to fill your cup, and embrace new beginnings with fresh energy and spirit. 

Date & venue to be announced soon.

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“I enjoyed truly everything. The yoga, outdoor coaching – it was all wonderful. Stunning location! The moment you step inside, it feels like you leave the rest of the world behind. A very well organized day.”



The day will include the following elements:

Symbolism of spring season
Yoga practices – combining Strala, Yin and aromatherapy

Ayurveda & nutrition
Mindfulness & outdoor life coaching
Visualization and creative expression

Of course, there will be a healthy, vegan lunch to enjoy, as well as homemade snacks, freshly brewed herbal teas and other drinks!

COVID-19 measures

Naturally, this day retreat will take all the governmental regulations regarding COVID-19 into account.

We understand these are uncertain times. In the unfortunate case that we have to cancel the retreat due to new government regulations for group events, we will postpone the event. If you have booked your ticket for the Spring Day Retreat, we’ll make sure your spot is secured for the next retreat!

Secure your spot now

Our last retreats were fully booked and sold out very quickly. If you want to secure your spot, don’t wait too long!

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